The THURAYA-1 satellite was successfully launched on board a Sea Launch, Zenit-3SL rocket from the equator in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on 21st October 2000.The launch was a record success, as it was the first satellite initiated from the Middle East and also the satellite was one of the heaviest to be launched ever. Since January 2002, THURAYA started its commercial services in Pakistan.

Alhumdullilah! Today THURAYA has business centers in all major cities, set up by IMTCL, the Company having sole rights for sale and distribution ship of THURAYA products and services within Pakistan.

THURAYA satellite mobile system is a turnkey project of US $ 1 billion, built by Boeing Satellite Systems, formerly Hughes Space and Communications International, Inc. (HSCI). Designed for a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, THURAYA’s satellite maintains geo-synchronous orbit at 44° East. The project includes manufacture of two high power geo-synchronous satellites, the launch of the first satellite, manufacture and installation of the ground network equipment, the manufacture of nearly a quarter of a million mobile handsets and the project insurance.

THURAYA offers dual mode network in satellite and GSM environments. It provides high flexibility in managing network resources through a re-programmable satellite payload. This supports modifications in the system coverage area while optimizing performance over high demand areas.

THURAYA’s satellites have been specially designed to achieve network capacity of about 13,750 telephone channels. THURAYA’s hand held mobile terminals are comparable to GSM handsets in terms of size and appearance, as well as in voice quality.

THURAYA Satellite Features
:: 250-300 .spot beams
:: Digital beam (which provides for dynamic area coverage and optimizes over changes in traffic demand)
:: Single hop link for mobile-to-mobile communications.
:: High power capacity.
:: Dynamic satellite power control providing 10dB link margins
:: The THURAYA system is comprised of three key elements - Space Segment, Ground Segment and User Segment.

Service Features

:: Voice Telephony
:: Fax
:: Data
:: Short Messaging
:: Location Determination
:: Emergency Services
:: High Power Alerting
:: Regulatory Data

:: Mobile Links
1-Earth-to-space 1626.5-1660.5 MHz
2-Space-to-Earth 1525.0-1559.0 MHz

Feeder Links
1-Earth-to-space 6425.0-6725.0 MHz

2-Space-to-Earth 3400.0-3625.0 MHz
THURAYA Country Code: +88216