The FT2225 satellite M2M terminal enables connectivity for remote assets and sensors for monitoring, control and security of critical applications in the oil & gas, utilities, mining, banking and government sectors. By utilizing our robust IP-based, highly secure, two-way communications Thuraya M2M network, you can extend the deployment of M2M and IoT applications in real-time beyond the traditional coverage areas of cellular networks.

The FT2225 can also be used to provide redundancy and backup M2M communications for mission-critical applications via satellite in situations where highly resilient communications is required in times of crisis or natural disasters.

Thuraya M2M: Real-time, secure, two way communications

Real IP (Not store and forward)
High level cyber-security (AES256K)
Multiple languages; Easy-to-use
Low Latency (sub 800ms)
Rugged devices with OTA SW updates
SLA backed 99.9% Network availability


IP-based networking
Interface agnostic with Ethernet and Wi-Fi and support for USB, serial, Modbus, CanBUS
Two-way send/receive connectivity
Multicast and Broadcast capability enabling efficient mass polling and message distribution
Low-latency for instant message transfer and real-time monitoring with no delays
Ruggedized highly reliable terminals for operation in harsh weather conditions
Low Total cost of ownership with bandwidth-efficient networking and no minimum billing increment or overhead charges
Embedded GPS and GLONASS