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Thuraya's Fixed Docking Unit (FDU) , the home/office docking product allows the usage of the Thuraya phone in an indoor environment such as home or office. The FDU complements the Thuraya phone by extending its operations and functionalities inside buildings.

The physical mating of the Thuraya phone with FDU is easy and straightforward. The Thuraya phone has to be simply docked into the designated slot of the FDU, and all the standard satellite-based services such as voice, fax and data and the supplementary services will be available indoors. Sending/ receiving SMS can be done more efficiently via using the SMS software accompanied in FDU's's package. Furthermore, FDU facilitates recharging of the satellite mobile phone when docked, while permitting normal conversation using the auxiliary handset.

Fixed Docking Unit FDU-2500 Package Contents

  • FDU-2500
  • Auxiliary handset
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Wall Mounting Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Rj-11 Cable
  • USB drive CD
  • User Manual

Satellite Antenna

  • Satellite antenna with 25m cable
  • Mounting adapter

GPS Antenna

  • GPS antenna with attached 25m cable

Features & Functions:

  • Compatible with all Thuraya mobile Phones( Ascom 21, Hughes-7100 & Hughes 7101)
  • Modular design, easy to install & operate
  • Pushbutton switches with light indicators for speakerphone & microphone
  • Volume Control Keys
  • Supports high quality voice transmission via auxiliary handset, speakerphone or regular extension telephone
  • Supports data services at speed of 9.6 kbps
  • Supports group 3 analog fax machines and PC-fax at speed of 9.6 kbps
  • Supports Short Message Service (SMS)
  • Support two levels of PIN codes
  • Serial USB & RS-232 Interface
  • Battery Charging indicator
  • Desktop or wall mount fixture
Note: The FDU is now available with your service providers.

Legacy Product Note: SATEL was the name of the previous product for
the home/office docking unit. The product has been discontinued.


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