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Thuraya-3 Satellite Successfully Launched to Orbit by Sea Launch
Abu Dhabi, UAE, 15 January 2008 – The third Geo-mobile satellite of Thuraya Satellite Telecom Co. has successfully been launched by Sea Launch today, allowing Thuraya to embark on major expansion plans and provide its cutting-edge mobile satellite services in the Asia-Pacific region in the first quarter of 2008.

Lifting off at 11:49 GMT (15:49 p.m. UAE local time) from the Odyssey Launch Platform at 154 degrees West Longitude, the Zenit-3SL rocket placed the 5,173 kg (11,381 lb) Thuraya-3 satellite manufactured by Boeing into Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit. Spacecraft separation occurred 99 minutes after liftoff, at 1,388 miles above the Pacific Ocean, north of New Zealand. A tracking station in Fillmore, California, acquired the first signal from the spacecraft a few minutes later as planned. All systems performed nominally throughout the flight.

In a press statement following the launch, Thuraya’s CEO Mr. Yousuf Al Sayed says, “The launch of Thuraya-3 is a significant milestone in the Company’s progress and growth, and in reinforcing Thuraya’s status as dynamic, world leading, multi-regional mobile satellite operator,”

He also said that Thuraya has had a long and impressive history with Sea Launch. “We have launched three Geo-mobile satellites so far, all by Sea Launch, and all have been very successful,” said Al Sayed, adding that Thuraya is continuously expanding, and Sea Launch has been instrumental in meeting Thuraya’s growing requirements.

He also reiterated that the Company has already completed all Ground network preparations for Thuraya-3, and signed commercial partnerships with several promising partners in Asia-Pacific. Hence all is set for commercial launch very early in 2008.

“Congratulations to Thuraya on the tremendous success of this mission,” said Rob Peckham, president and general manager of Sea Launch. “I also want to congratulate Boeing Satellite Systems and thank the entire Sea Launch team and all the people around the world who support us.

“We are proud to be supporting Thuraya’s expansion into the Asia-Pacific market with the launch of Thuraya-3. We especially appreciate Thuraya’s continued trust and confidence in our launch services and we look forward to future opportunities to support the growth of their business,” Peckham said.

Boeing built the Thuraya-3 spacecraft to provide a range of mobile voice and data services over large geographic regions. Thuraya, the world’s largest provider of handheld mobile satellite services, is preparing to operate commercially in Asia-Pacific markets as early as January 2008, when Thuraya-3 is expected to become operational. With a designed lifetime of 12 years, the satellite will be positioned in Geosynchronous Orbit, 35,786 km (22,236 miles) above the Earth, at 98.5 degrees East Longitude.

About Thuraya (

Thuraya, based in the United Arab Emirates, provides cost-effective mobile satellite services in more than 110 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Services provided by Thuraya include mobile voice, broadband, maritime, rural telephony, fleet management and other advanced applications that enable people and businesses everywhere under its coverage to enjoy constant access to communications and information.

The Company has launched its third satellite on 15 January this year, bringing countries of the Asia-Pacific region under its footprint and extending its coverage to nearly two thirds of the globe’s population.

Thuraya was founded in 1997 by a consortium of leading national telecommunications operators and reputed investment firms from the region.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Ebrahim K. Ebrahim Corporate Communications Department Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Co. Post Box 33344, Abu Dhabi, UAE Tel. 971-2-616-1388 Fax: 971-2-641-7884 Email:

Sea Launch Company, LLC, based in Long Beach, Calif., offers the most direct and cost-effective route to geostationary orbit for commercial communications satellites. With the advantage of a launch site on the Equator, the robust Zenit-3SL rocket can lift a heavier mass or provide longer life on orbit, offering best value plus schedule assurance. For additional information and images about the Thuraya-3 mission, please visit the Sea Launch website at:

As Part of Successful Diversification Strategy, THURAYA Launches High-Speed Satellite Data Service “THURAYA DSL”

12th April, 2005

Dubai, UAE: Building on a strong market leadership in handheld mobile satellite services, the UAE-based regional satellite operator, Thuraya, is launching soon a high-speed satellite Internet service branded as “ThurayaDSL”. As a first step towards an ambitious long-term satellite broadband portfolio, ThurayaDSL is aimed to improve the Company's service offerings to customers in need of reliable high-speed data services in areas lacking adequate terrestrial infrastructure.

The new service will be available across the whole regional coverage of Thuraya spanning more than 120 countries in Europe, North and Central Africa, large parts of Southern Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and South Asia.

ThurayaDSL is a user-friendly service, based on a notebook-sized plug-and-play device that offers a speed up to 144 kbps on a shared channel. Simply, this terminal, which is SIM card operated, needs to be connected via Ethernet to a notebook or a computer for a normal Internet/data usage.

Thuraya's CEO Mr. Yousuf Al Sayed said ThurayaDSL will complement the Company's existing range of services and solutions geared towards key customers in major corporates, oil and gas operations, NGOs, business travelers, media and other users of data applications.

ThurayaDSL offers a similar experience to that in terrestrial Internet service at office or home, providing a broad range of applications such as Email, Internet, web browsing, File Transfer Protocol, Virtual Private Network and other data facilities.

“The real attraction in this offering is two things: first, it is highly affordable; and second, we are also introducing with it an innovative packaging concept constituting a new value for the mobile satellite industry, especially in the ‘unlimited usage' aspect” added Mr. Al Sayed.

He explained that the service would be offered on both Post-paid and Prepaid bases. In view of the varying sizes and work nature of customers, Thuraya has come up with four Postpaid service packages: Light, Plenty, Extra and Unlimited, reflecting different usage volumes and price denominations. There is a fixed monthly subscription fee and a service charge per Megabyte on actual usage that includes some free usage Megabytes on a monthly basis.

“As such, the higher the customer's usage volume, the lower will be his usage price,” said Mr. Al Sayed.

Mr. Al Sayed said Thuraya has made substantial investment in the GPRS ground infrastructure technology, and that ThurayaDSL is the first product in the Company's GPRS program that is set to position Thuraya as a key player in the satellite broadband market in the coming few years. “Plans for more advanced data applications are already underway,” he emphasized.

Talking of distribution of the new service, he pointed out, “One of our key strengths is that we have an extensive distribution chain comprising more than 100 Service Providers across our vast regional coverage. This makes it much easier and faster for us to offer new services immediately in most, if not all, our markets,” he elaborated.

Once launched, ThurayaDSL will be immediately available from all Thuraya's SP outlets.

Thuraya provides cost-effective satellite-based communication solutions in urban centres, as well as remote areas and villages and seas beyond terrestrial telecom networks. It offers mobile and fixed telephony, rural telephony solutions in remote area, maritime communications, fleet management & vehicle tracking, and satellite Internet services across a vast footprint of more than 120 countries.


The THURAYA PAKISTAN Derby 2004 Trophy
Jubilant spectators at the horse races Entrance to Lahore Race Club
Start of Race Close finish of the THURAYA Pakistan Derby 2004
Jockey Shahid Rehman the winner of the THURAYA Pakistan Derby 2004, with the winning horse "Naseeb" Chairman THURAYA Brig. Mukhtar Ahmed Presenting shield to Jockey Shahid Rehman
Group Photo of Brig Mukhtar Ahmed Chairman THURAYA with the THURAYA team Malik Hamid Ali Noon receives the trophy for the THURAYA Pakistan Derby 2004


Mr. Naveed Saeed of THURAYA briefs Mr. Ishrat ul Abad Governor Sindh about THURAYA Products at ITCN Asia 2003 Exhibition. Mr. Naveed Saeed of THURAYA briefs Mr. Ishrat ul Abad Governor Sindh about THURAYA Products at ITCN Asia 2003 Exhibition.
Dr. Omar C.E.O Dubai Internet City visits the THURAYA Stall alongwith Mr. Faisal Munir C.E.O THURAYA Pakistan and Area Manager THURAYA UAE Mr. Mohamed Humaid. Awais Leghari, Minister for IT and Telecommunication discusses future prospects of THURAYA Payphone in Pakistan with Mr. Mohamed Humaid.
Mr. Farooq Nabi Malik of THURAYA stands attentively at the THURAYA stall. A Display of THURAYA Products


A THURAYA Display at the entrance of the Exhibition Awais Leghari, Minister for IT and Telecommunication, Gen (R), Shahzada Alam Malik, Chairman PTA and Naveed Saeed exchanging views at IT Asia 2003 exhibition held at a local hotel
Mr. Faisal Munir, Chief Executive Officer THURAYA and Mr. Asad Nawaz Khan at the Exhibition Mr. Zafar Mahmood of THURAYA stands attentively at the THURAYA stall


An image of K2 - The Highest Peak of Pakistan transmitted via THURAYA Satellite Mobile Phone Spanish Mountaineers expedition staying in touch with the world through THURAYA Satellite Mobile Phone


Mr. Mohamed Humaid Ahmed and Mr. Abdallah Touhami with THURAYA team at the Islamabad Sales & Service Centre Mr. Mohamed Humaid Ahmed Country Manager and Mr. Abdallah Touhami Area Manager visits Pakistan


June 11, 2003

Abu-Dhabi, UAE- THURAYA has successfully launched its second satellite, the THURAYA-2 into geosynchronous orbit yesterday, thereby expanding its capacity and opening up new opportunities in its service and application offerings.

The THURAYA-2 satellite, placed into a position of 28.5 degrees East, will undergo strenuous orbit testing over the coming weeks. It will then be repositioned closer to THURAYA-1, which now stands at 44 degrees East, in readiness for its new operational requirements.

The THURAYA-2 satellite was put into orbit yesterday by Sea Launch, which also deployed THURAYA-1 in 2000. The spacecraft separated from the launch vehicle about one hour and 40 minutes after the launch. This was followed minutes later by the receipt of its first signals to a Telemetry, Tracking and Control Station at Uralla, Australia, confirming normal operation.

"We are extremely pleased with the success of THURAYA 2. It will build on our current achievements, and enable us to substantially expand our satellite capacity. It will open up new directions of growth; whether we want to bolster capacity in some areas, expand into new markets, or diversify into new satellite based applications," said THURAYA's Chairman Mohammad Omran.

Speaking on the occasion, Dave Ryan, president of BSSI said; " The newest light in the heavens is THURAYA-2, a mobile communications satellite that will help connect users on the move within a vast area of the globe. A thorough check-out on orbit lies ahead for the satellite, and we are confident that it will soon take its place as a vital long term asset supporting THURAYA's future growth."

The THURAYA-2, designed to operate for 12 years, is a Boeing GEO-Mobile model satellite built by Boeing Satellite Systems of El Segundo, California. BSS also designed and built the ground system and supplied handsets for the THURAYA network.

The rocket is erected in preparation for lift off The THURAYA-2 satellite, encapsulated in its payload fairing, is rolled out of the Sea Launch Payload Processing Facility. It is transferred to the Assembly and Command Ship, where it is mated with the Zenit-3SL rocket.


THURAYA Team at the THURAYA Display Stall from Left to Right 1) Mr. Babar Azhar 2) Mr. Hafeez ur Rehman 3) Mr. Naveed Saeed 4) Mr. Kashif 5) Mr. Zafer Mr. Naveed Saeed receiving shield from Mr. Shahzada Alam - Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
The visitors keenly showing their interest in THURAYA Products & Services Mr. Irfan Akram Director Commercial Paktel at the THURAYA Display Stall


Struggle for the ball Players in action
A THURAYA team member changes a horse during the match The THURAYA polo team from Left to Right
1- Mr. Sufi Muhammad Amir (Captain)
2- Mr. Sufi Muhammad Haris
3- Mr. Raja Sattar 4- Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed
The THURAYA Captain taking the credit for the team performance Mr. Sufi Muhammad Haris in action


Briefing at the Press Conference Mr. Faisal Munir C.E.O inaugurates the tournament
Players competing for the top slot Mr. Faisal Munir C.E.O and Mr. Asad Nawaz Khan Director alongwith participants of the tournament


Junaid Jamshed performing on the occasion THURAYA team on stage with the Event Host
Vigilant THURAYA team members passing out information from the THURAYA Kiosk at the event Gift hampers being awarded to the Winners of the THURAYA quiz on the occasion


Mr. Mohammad Omran of U.A.E, Chairman THURAYA being escorted from the helipad by General Manager Pearl Continental hotel Bhurbun. Mr. Mohammad Omran Chairman THURAYA and Mr. JamalAl Jarwan Assistant Executive Business Development alongwith the manag- ement team of THURAYA Pakistan being war- mely received at the helipad by the manag- ement of Pearl Continental hotel Bhurbun.
Chairman THURAYA Mr. Mohammad Omran of U.A.E, visits the sales & service center at Lahore. Chairman THURAYA Mr. Mohammad Omran of U.A.E, visits the sales & service center at Lahore.


Mr. Ch. Mohammad Munir with Mr. Imran Qureshi, Ms. Sana Bagresh and Ms. Shreen Al Faheem Addressing the press Mr. Faisal Munir, Mr. Imran Qureshi Ms. Shreen Al Faheem
Seen in the picture Mr. Mian Javed (ex - chairman PTA), Mr. Arshad Khan (CEO Ufone), Mr. Robert Lee (CCO Mobilink), Mr. Al Barry (President Mobilink). THURAYA Team

Pictures of MOL Staff training at Akora Khattak